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3 Things You MUST Know Early in Wedding Planning

You expect budget to be number one, don't you? So, yes. Any responsible wedding planner would tell you that before doing anything you need to know your budget and your guest list.

After these steps, you're ready for a bigger (FUN!) conversation around your priorities when it comes to vendors, decor, guest experience, etc. P.S. It's REALLY helpful to have this conversation with me or your wedding planner/coordinator. We can help you take all of the ideas and start to organize them in a way that makes the vision come together.

"That's not why I am writing this though. There are other things you should know early on in your wedding planning that will give you the freedom to build the wedding of your dreams."

ONE // Make decisions that will help you ENJOY the day.

I always admire when a client identifies and reveals personality traits in our initial call that she knows will keep her from relaxing and enjoying herself throughout planning or on the day-of. Some of us can't stand being the center of attention. Some of us have a hard time handing over control. Some of us are just not organized.

All of those things are normal. They make you human.

My clients who know what will cause them stress and communicates those things to me will ultimately have a better chance of NOT experiencing that stress. When you place your trust in me, I can help guide you towards decisions that will leave you as chill as possible on the big day!

"The best wedding planners and coordinators spend just as much time getting to know the couple as they spend getting to know the timeline & layout."

TWO // I give you permission to not _____________. (Fill-in-the-blank)

You don't have to do a garter toss.

You don't have to order boutonnieres. (Highly encourage you to spend that money on a killer arbor install or a hanging installation though!)

You don't have to order programs or favors.

You don't have to have your hair and makeup done by a professional.

You don't have to wear white. (Your mother may kill me for that one.)

Your wedding is yours and your fiancés. There is no rule book.

Let me also say this though...

I give you permission TO ________________. (Fill-in-the-blank)

I also give you permission to add your own flair to your wedding day.

You can keep it to a small guest count so you have more money to spend on decor.

You can only invite your best friend to get ready with you.

You can involve your dogs(!) in your wedding.

You can sneak away to have a few minutes with your new husband during the reception.

Remember, I can help you navigate these decisions and conversations with family and friends.

THREE // Book your coordinator or planner as early as possible.

When asked what she wished she knew before planning her wedding, Mia + May Bride Emily said that she wished she had known how much everything would cost. This wasn't because she didn't think her vendors were amazing or worth their rates. To Emily, it was about being more in control of her finances during such an important season of life. There are certain ways to cut costs towards the end of planning, but once you book your big vendors it all grows in cost from there! Emily hired Mia + May Events later in her planning, so we never got to have the budget conversation.

The earlier you book me the more I can help you navigate the money. I know what costs you need to prepare for and what costs you can avoid. I can match you with vendors who will deliver your vision within your budget with great service.

Want to know more about my services? Jump over and send me an email! I'd love to hear about your vision!

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