Believer in God's redeeming love. Married to her best friend, Lee. Mom to Madison (age 8) and pups Diesel and Mia. Enjoys cooking with her family, a good book and connecting with new people.

Meet Danielle


Mia + May Events LLC is essential for any couple who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning. 

I bring over 10 years experience with executing events including weddings, large scale non-profit fundraisers, cocktail , corporate functions, trainings and more. This gives me a unique connection to venues, Chattanooga's wedding vendor community and the do's and don'ts of hosting events.


 Mia + May Events was founded on the idea that no one should plan an event without a trusted partner by their side throughout the entire planning process, so I am available for guidance from the moment you book with me.  More importantly, that trusted partner should feel a strong sense of responsibility to the couple, their family and the wedding.  In order to ensure I can invest properly in your wedding, Mia + May Events schedules a limited number of weddings a year.  Additionally, we look ahead and identify potential problems before they arise so that you never know anything happened in the first place. 

I think of your family as my family. From making sure Grandma has the best seat in the house to ensuring mom and dad have a plate of food while greeting guests, my team's priority is ensuring your VIPs have the best wedding experience possible.

I can't express enough how honored I am to walk through this season with our couples and their families. Want to learn more about our services? I'd love to send over more information or schedule a phone call.